Monday, November 1, 2010

9 more weeks to go!

Can't wait to meet you Madelyn!
And your big sister is so excited too!

We may decide to induce you on January 1, 2011...hope you don't mind if I pick your birthday for you! This way both you and your sister both have holiday birthday's! How very cool!
However, feel free to come sooner! We would love a December baby!

See you soon! Love, Mom


  1. Hi Meaghan. I love the name!! The suspense is over. I can't believe how big Carolina is getting.That picture of her is just precious. Uncle Mike & I leave for Australia & New Zealand on 11/12 & return 12/12. We are really excited about this once in a life time trip.
    Hope you are feeling okay. Love to Jason & Carolina.
    Love, Aunt Elaine

  2. Thanks Aunt Elaine!!
    I hope you have the best trip! I am jealous! It sounds like such a great adventure - take lots of photos - Australia is on my places to visit ... sometime!

    I am feeling really good this pregnancy - not too many complaints, I think she might be a bit smaller than Carolina which would be great.