Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mady, Mady, Mady Leigh!!

Mady on her 3 week birthday & Nana on her 98th birthday!

Sleepy, peaceful, awesome baby girl!

Your big sister loving every minute of holding you!

You love the baby bjorn! Thank goodness b/c it means we can be hands free and deal, I mean play, with your sister :)

Have you ever seen such a perfect baby?! ha! She loves her crib!
Dear Mady - Seriously, you are the best - you are definitely baby number 2, you are patient, cuddly, and quiet. You eat well, sleep well, and burb well :) We all are so enamored by you! I can't promise as many photos and blog posts as I did with your sister, but I know you will understand! I swear we are taking photos, loving you and squeezing you every chance we get, but it comes with the territory girl (I know, I am a second child myself), if I blog about you once a month I will feel I am doing okay! Love you so much sweetie! Can't believe you are 4 weeks tomorrow! Love, Mommy