Thursday, March 25, 2010

7 days until 2

An early b-day gift....New crocs! Amazing how many hours of entertainment we have gotten out of purchasing her a pair of shoes she can actually put on her own feet without our help.
St. Patty's Day in the 'burgh :)
Silly late nights with all the great weather!
Peakaboo, We just love our screened in porch. A requirement for all future homes we live in! Just the perfect place to let our toddler play and "feel" like she is outside!

We are heading to Boston on Saturday. Looking forward to celebrating Birthday number 2 with the Gammy and Papa! A long drive ahead with a dog and a toddler. A perfect combination to ensure we all need lots of adult beverages upon arrival!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Outside Mommy!!! Please!!!!

Our new neighborhood in Pittsburgh...we can finally see the grass!

Some remnants of the snow on our sidewalks.

Carolina mesmerized by all the kids on their bikes and scooters!

Our playground that we will likely be visiting every day now that the sun has arrived!

Smiles more hats and gloves!

Monday, March 1, 2010

23 Months Old.

Our baby girl. Is turning TWO. Just a few weeks away. We should likely starting planning the party. Feels like just yesterday we were hanging the decorations for her 1st birthday party. Strange how times goes by. Seems like a perfect way to bring on spring! I remember, the day she was born, so rainy, and gray outside, and then, as soon as we stepped outside, spring was upon us. And last year, on her 1st birthday, 65 degrees, sunny, gorgeous, perfection. We even played in the yard a bit. April 1st. A wonderful day. We are all looking forward to our big girl turning 2 and the sunshine that will coming with that day!