Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another due date? Seriously?

Had another appt yesterday (took miss C with me) and we waited an hour and a half to be seen...thankfully I was well prepared with juice box, milk, books, gummies, applesauce, etc...I have learned to expect nothing but the worst in this city especially after waiting close to 2 hours for my ultrasound last week! After the long wait we got to hear the heartbeat again. All is well. Heartbeat 167bpm with the doppler. They decided I am 2 days ahead of where they originally thought? A January 6th due date. Seriously. How many times will they change my due date? Whatever. 1st week of January is about as specific as I am getting at this point as they don't have a clue! Baby healthy, mommy healthy, due date unknown :) Genetic testing up next week with more ultrasound photos!

Photos of Carolina coming too as I haven't update her photos lately and Jason has taken some gorgeous shots of her!

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