Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I wish I knew.....

How far along I was! The unknown is driving me crazy! I am so anxious/excited/nervous for my appt on Thursday when they will hopefully ultrasound me and let me know where I am and when my due date is. My blood work was all out of wack 2 weeks ago like it was with Carolina (although is looking good right now) so I really want to know where I am at in my first trimester??? Since last Friday, the symptoms have started to kick in. I am even more tired, even more nauseous and even more irritable than I was with Carolina (I think...). I am feeling pretty crappy and hoping that I can get through this long work week. If we were still in Indy my OB would have already given me an ultrasound making this even more frustrating....

Sitting here...Really, really, hoping I will be able to share some ultrasound pictures later this week.

Carolina has turned a corner. She is behaving better and I only hope this continues. She still can throw some major tantrums, but all in all, I think she is better now, than she was in February....ahhh I can see the light at the end of the tantrum tunnel and I hope we keep heading in that direction.

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