Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The search for quality child care.....

We have been looking high and low for the perfect daycare for Carolina. We are not partial to either a daycare or a nanny, either would be fine, honestly. We just want a good fit. We have found that city living actually limits one's ability to find a decent daycare and in some cases a good nanny. One must move to the suburbs to find high quality daycare. It has made me want to drop what I am doing and open a daycare in the city of Pittsburgh that caters to people with higher standards than what is currently available.... That competes with the Goddard's, Primrose's, etc. of the suburbs! There must be a market, right? I am amazed by the lack of a personal touch at each of the daycares I have checked out. They are, in fact, watching children, shouldn't there be a personal touch? To my amazement, I have found more geniune people at doggy daycare's than at some of the children's daycare facilities! Anyways, the search continues. I am new here, there may be options I am missing, but for now, my disappointment continues.

The peanut is above, hugging her new favorite bubby, "little lamb bubby". Such a cutie, I just can't settle for anything but the best!

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